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Mysore is a major tourist city of Karnataka. The city was the erstwhile capital of the state and hence has played an important role in the history of the state and of South India. Today it has developed into a modern city like many other cities in the country. But this city has not lost touch with its rich historical and cultural legacy. Mysore city is a favourite tourist destination in Karnataka. Tourist from within the country and from outside come see the splendour of the city of Mysore. The city has a number of places a person can visit. There are a number of Royal buildings, gardens, waterfalls, temples, museums and modern amusement parks.

The city of Mysore is known as the 'City Of Palaces'. There are number of buildings built by the Royal family and are exquisite examples of Dravidian architecture and display grandeur and lavish life lead by the Emperors while they ruled the state. Apart from the Palaces there are number of other tourists attractions that one can visit in Mysore. One of the popular spots is the Chamundi hills and the temple on top of the hills. This prominent landmark of Mysore is a favourite destination for the locales as well.

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace sits majestically in the center of city. The Indo-Saracenic building was completed in 1912. The sheer opulence and grandeur of the building (245 Ft in length and 156 Ft in width) mesmerizes all visitors. The palace is open to visitors from 10 A.M to 5.30 PM. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside the Palace and you will have to deposit them at the entrance. It is advisable to hire a Govt. approved guide to take you around the palace, as there are many interesting anecdotes and sights that the guide will share with you. Even better, will be take the audio guide which is available near the gate.
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Mysore Chamundi Hills
This was built in 1820 by Lingarajendra the then ruling King to ward off the evil caused by "Brahma Rakshasas". The Shiva Linga is said to be brought from the holy place "Kaashi". This temple has an unusual architectural combination of 'Indo-Sarsenic' Style.

Nearby is the holy tank. Regular poojas are performed in the temple for the different deities like Lord Subrahmanya and Ganesha.
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Mysore KRS Dam
15 kms away from Nagarahole is the beautiful water fall, "Irpu falls' which flows as Laxman theertha, A Shiva temple dedicated by Lord Sri Rama is on the banks of the River. Walking besides the paddy field and watching the gorgeous falls which is about 60 ft. is a real treat to the eyes. This is also an ideal picnic spot. Quite a few Houses are available for "Home stay".

There are enough guest houses near Gonicoppa, Virajpet and Kutta for those visiting Nagarahole and Irpu. Buses also ply from Gonicoppa.
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Mysore Zoo
A dam built across the tributary of Kaveri with a length of 2775 ft. and 174 ft height. A real picnic spot with the back water gushing out and with a Cauvery temple nearby. A travel of just 8 kms from Kushalnagar.
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